5 Steps to a Stronger, Better, Faster Freestyle

A 5-part course on winning technique to improve your freestyle swimming

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"I got your 5 part course. I dropped my times by 20 seconds per 100 on average. Thanks for making the info available!" ~ Kory Frantz

Want to become a stronger, better, faster swimmer? 

While almost anyone can learn how to swim, becoming an excellent swimmer means learning the specific techniques that optimize propulsion and minimize drag.

Hand position, body position, and even finger position all affect the outcome. That’s why we’ve created this email course to help you become a better swimmer. It’s called 5 Steps to a Stronger, Better, Faster Freestyle.  

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In this 5-part course, you’ll learn:  

Lesson 1: The Entry - Hand Placement and How to Set Up a Successful Stroke Lesson 2: The Catch - Fingertip Orientation and the High Elbow Catch Lesson 3: The Pull Part 1 - Wrist Awareness and Using "The Power of the Y" for a Stronger Stroke Lesson 4: The Pull Part 2 - Putting More "Umph" in Your Stroke Lesson 5: Finish and Recovery - How to Reduce Drag When Finishing the Stroke 

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